On these pages you will find information about the magnetic pulse according to Dr. Beck.

The magnetic pulse generates a very strong magnetic field for a short time, which periodically discharges (20,000 Gauss at 2.5 mS). Each magnetic field induces a current flow in an electrical conductor. Since the human being consists of about 70% water and this contains 0.95 NaCl, the magnetic flux also produces a current flow in the tissue.

With the magnetic pulp it is also possible to reach the parasites in the lungs, which can not be hit with the blood donor. To this end, the magnetic powder is held several times for a certain duration at the junctures of the lymphatic passages, lymph nodes, and particularly exposed areas. Only when the lymphatics are cleansed with parasites can re-infecting the bloodstream be prevented from the lymph.

It is recommended to use colloidal silver as a supplement to the use of the blood donor and the magnetic pulse, since the process can be accelerated. In the blood donor (2), silver bars are provided for the production of colloidal silver.

The magnetic pulse generates a very strong magnetic field for a short time. Each magnetic field induces a current flow in an electrical conductor. Since the human being consists of 70% water and this water contains 0.9% NaCl, the magnetic powder also generates a current flow in the tissue.

  • In the lymph nodes, the tonsils, or the glands (eg the thymus gland), as well as in the spleen, liver, kidneys, stomach, muscles, and other tissue, parasites can not be reached through the blood pathway. After a few years, they can cause a relapse. The magnetic pulp neutralizes active, dormant and proliferating pathogens at these sites.
  • With the magnetic pulper, these places are additionally treated.

The Magnetic Pulse Generator

This device (invented by Robert C. Beck) is the perfect treatment to accompany treatment of the blood with electricity (for general deactivation of all microbes). It delivers a strong momentary magnetic pulse every 5 seconds which penetrates into surrounding tissues (within 4″ of the center of the coil) to induce an electric current which causes the lymph fluid to circulate by causing a contraction in the lymph arteries (which contain valves that only permit fluid movement in one direction). No sensation is felt at all except in some lymph vessels. The magnetic strength is equal to that of Magnetic Nuclear Resonance Imaging (which is safe). This Pulser is safe for use anywhere on the body. It’s recommended that it be used daily. Not using it will allow reinfection afterwards because viruses & bacteria hiding in the lymphatics can travel back into the bloodstream which is the first step for reinfection.

Just 2-3 pulses in each location causes lymph flow and also helps to neutralize any electrical bonding microbes may have in any part of the body which would prevent them from circulating in the bloodstream freely. This is essential when fighting a systemic infection. If the lymph isn’t stimulated then some of the viruses or bacteria stay in hiding in the smaller lymph vessels and later emerge to reinfect the body. That’s why I say it is essential to get the Magnetic Pulser along with a blood electrification device when fighting systemic (whole body) infections in order to force those microbes out of the lymph and into the bloodstream where they can be deactivated (rendered unable to reproduce for at least 24 hours) by blood electrification. Another important aspect of Pulser effects is that the extra lymph circulation helps bring more immune cells from the lymph system to the bloodstream. The lymph vessels are their only means of transport to the bloodstream where they can kill the microbes that blood electrification disabled.